Blue Phoenix: A family sailing experience


Moored at the Latchi Marina in the Paphos region, the Blue Phoenix yacht is geared up to provide a unique, tailor-made family experience to passengers attracted to explore the Mediterranean and its engulfing shores and cultures.

Designed by naval architect Ron Holland, the 78-foot modern sailing yacht has been designed to accommodate the whims of the Mediterranean.

“Crucially, the types of coastlines and small coves place a limit on yacht size, which admittedly affects comfort… Reconciling size and comfort is a key design deliverable,” explains Andreas Lordos, Manager of the Blue Phoenix Yacht venture.

“The Blue Phoenix can sneak into many beautiful coves beyond the reach of larger yachts, whilst delivering an optimum habitat for those sailing within it,” he adds.

Offering tailor-made sailing experiences within the East Med, to destinations such as the Cyprus coastlines, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon and also Israel and Egypt on demand, the Blue Phoenix offers cruising excursions which balance comfort with speed, tagging itself as a sailing cruiser.

“A bit slower but very comfortable, the Blue Phoenix is also a very competent open-seas traveller, able to weather all types of seas it encounters in the Mediterranean,” explains Lordos, adamant to put emphasis on the yacht’s dedication to offering holidays which are put together to provide unforgettable family experiences.

“The sailing boat can create action and interest for all family members who find themselves drawn into being part of life on board and participating. Trimming the sails, helping with fenders, sailing the vessel without engine power are learning experiences, physical but mildly so, with adults guiding and experiencing togetherness,” estimates Lordos.

“The experiences of finally slipping into a cove, discovering a castle surrounded by azure waters and seeing a sea turtle or dolphins for the first time are vibrant and shared. The slow pace and absolute quiet of the sailing boat create conditions of sharing these experiences intimately,” he adds, conveying the ideal of immersing a family setting within a hands-on, out of the ordinary routine which can be shared through day trips (one overnight stay) to more extensive itineraries.

Hand-in-hand, Blue Phoenix’s layout meets the needs of this family-orientated approach through its provided spaces on board, both inside and out.

“A 10m2 shaded area at the bow with soft cushions is a great base to be whilst travelling. Breezy, shady, with great views ahead, you can peek down a hatch and see children in the lounge below relaxing, reading, playing.

“The pilot house, usually reserved for the captain, also allows for a number of people. With panoramic views and enclosed, it ventilates via large hatches and allows views of the whole vessel. The stern features a shading canopy, a rocking chair, places for dinghy and water sports accessories while the stern of the yacht opens up into a sizeable platform that reaches down to the sea, allowing for easy access to the water via steps,” describes Lordos.

Attempting to envision the internal experience of the yacht, Lordos says that while inside, “parents would naturally choose the separately accessed rear Master cabin for their stay.

“It stretches along the whole width of the vessel and is equally long. An en-suite shower room complements the various facets of this interesting room which include sailing and history books, a place to read, a beautifully crafted bed, night lighting options including a blue sky over the bed, mirrors.”

“Children (up to five in total) on the other hand, would “take the two forward cabins, each with its own en-suite bathroom. Just outside their rooms is the family room, our lounge.”

Making sure the itineraries meet the wishes of passengers through tailor-made routes, Lordos explains that “having grown up in these coastlines, we are in a position to plan on-demand and to allow for expectations and dreams.

“Short trips (such as a day sail and overnight stay) are still long enough to exchange views with our clients regarding how much time of fishing, open sea sailing, coastal sailing and being at anchor or swimming they desire.

“The format is open, although we do take advantage of weather patterns and respect them equally. We are happy to work together or just do what we would do if left on our own devices, which also brings us to exploring nearby areas for ancient habitations and finding them.”

Looking at any location in the Mediterranean basin from the sea and through a sailing experience as opposed to the mundane sun and sea approach from the shore, Lordos deems this experience a form of personal challenge.

“Connecting to our past is a personal challenge for each of us in a world run today by technology, supply chain management and the internet.

“We sail ancient seas, literally the cradles of our civilisation as man.

“We sail into an ancient world of water, bound by the same shorelines and governed by the same winds as our ancestors. Sailing by wind power places us on ancient routes, where magnificent cities flourished (some do today), making more sense when viewed as part of a coastline and of ancient systems of trade and interaction,” says Lordos.

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