Crowdfunding for 2nd edition of My Nicosia Mandala

Are you interested in the cultural heritage of Cyprus?

Are you aware of the benefits of colouring books?

Help us publish the 2nd edition of the Nicosia Mandala Colouring Book and immerse yourself in the history of the medieval walls of the old city of Nicosia!

In 2015, My Nicosia Mandala Colouring book was published and began its journey in sensitising the public on the history of the medieval walls of the old town of Nicosia in Cyprus through the mandala art form. The book is in English, Greek and Turkish.

Targeted to both young and old, the colouring book has been used in schools, workshops and households to highlight the story behind who the families that donated money to built the city’s walls were. As a mandala colouring book, the charisma of mandalas, as an ancient Sanskrit art, offer both the entertainment of colouring in as well as the calming elements that come through sitting down and relaxing while indulging in bringing colour to the pages.

Almost a decade later, My Nicosia Mandala colouring book seeks a second edition, in order to continue its trajectory towards highlighting the cultural heritage of the island of Cyprus.

This is where we ask for your support: a donation to secure the funds to re-print My Nicosia Mandala Colouring Book and share the mandala love!

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About Melissa Hekkers

I am freelance journalist and author, who has frequently been featured in mainstream news outlets and other publications in Cyprus. Recently, I've been focusing on developing my writing, promoting my own books and teaching creative writing to children and adults. My most recent publication (2020) - Amir's Blue Elephant- pushes the boundaries of creative non-fiction, and recreates the moments that marked me the most, whilst volunteering in refugee camps in Lesvos, Greece, and during her ongoing involvement with the refugee community in Cyprus. In 2018 I published My Capre Greco Mandala which is the third in a series, an interactive colouring book about the biodiversity of the Cape Greco peninsula in Cyprus. My Akamas Mandala, the second in the series, is a colouring book inspired by the variety of endemic plants found on the Akamas Peninsula. In 2016, I published My Nicosia Mandala, the first of the above series, an innovative, interactive colouring book about the historic fortifications of the old town of Nicosia. I also focuses on silenced communities in Cyprus: I writes about migrants and refugees, both as a reporter and a features writer; I profile them and teach them creative writing skills. In 2007, soon after graduating with a Communications degree, I published my first children’s book in both English and Greek entitled Crocodile, which won the Cyprus State Illustration Award. In 2012, I launched my second children’s book Flying across Red Skies (in English and Greek), using an experimental approach to literature, for which I was nominated for the Cyprus State Literary award. My third, similarly well-received children’s book was Pupa (Greek and English), published in 2014. In between the last two books, I published my first free-verse poetry book entitled Come-forth. In 2019 she was contributing author to the anthology Nicosia Beyond Barriers: Voices from a Divided City, published by Saqi Books, London