There must be an alternative to being honest. Think about it. How much trouble have you gotten into for being honest? None.

None in your eyes, that’s certain. And honesty can be applicable in any situation. Any relation. At work. At home. At war.

An explosion in a playground filled with children in northern Gaza took my breath away on Monday night. For if there are humans who preach honesty more than any other, it’s children. But the eight children, not to mention the adults, that were killed will never have the opportunity to pursue their honesty.

We on the other hand, or in this physical world, can. And honesty begins from the home, the family, friends, colleagues, lovers; our children, our daily lives.

I’m tempted to erase the few paragraphs I’ve written in a fret that I’m going to sound like an idealistic rant once again. I tend to do that.

But I’m also provoked by the injustice I’m seeing all around us. At home, with people, across the divide and a stone’s throw away from our little Mediterranean island.

So should I tell you my opinion? Should I honestly tell you what’s going through my mind and tread on your thoughts for the sake of being honest?

Well no. Not this time. Because you’ve heard it before. You know the essence of what I want to say. And if I have to waste a breath of honesty to state the obvious I’d rather keep a silence that may be broken for a much more needed honesty.

An honesty that comes with action and re-action; with love and compassion for the people standing opposite you. Humanity has gone insane. And I have lost the words of being honest. Honestly.



*Published in The Cyprus Weekly Newspaper on Saturday  2 August, 2014.





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