You’re not what you see

You’re on a cloud,
it’s cotton and it’s loud.
a troubadour you are,
stuck in past, swimming amongst the flight.

You never imagined,
a flight so harsh.
Yet it isn’t, or is it?
your choice made it real,
there’s no need to heal.

Obstructive, obscure, auburn,
shallow, swallow, hollow,
needy, greedy, freely,
independent, dependant, rant.
You rant.

The other sees another,
you righteously impose yourself,
your power, mental, yet physical
you’re not what you see.

Flee, fleet, on your feet,
glide, pride, in mind,
grow, flow, merely swallow,
we’re the same, in this game.
Play. Let’s play. Let’s play again.

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